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      My friend suggested Dr. Heyman after multiple attempts of trying to figure out why I was sick. At my first appointment, we talked about my symptoms and medical history and ordered a bunch of blood tests. When I got to LabCorp, they said they hadn't ever seen a few of the tests so tight there. I knew we weren't going for just the mainstream tests, which gave me hope.

      - W.W.

      I came to your office 4 years ago a total train wreck. I had digestive problems all my life, and with all the care of cleaning out my candida infection and working on my thyroid issues, life has gotten so much better because of you!

      - Rebecca

      When I met Dr. Heyman, I had been sick and in pain for over 5 years and wondering how much longer I could go on in that state. I had been experiencing cluster headaches (some for months at a time) and severe menopausal symptoms like hot flashes that were so bad, I was awake more than I was asleep at night. The first time I met with Dr. Heyman, he diagnosed me with systemic candida and advised me that we needed to deal with the candida first then balancing my hormones. After a long and difficult candida cleanse, then starting bio-identical hormones, I began to feel good and like myself again. My outlook on life is now totally different - I look forward to many years of health and well-being with Dr. Heyman?s help. Thank you!!

      - L.P.

      We are grateful to you and your fine staff at the Virginia Center for Health and Wellness for creating and maintaining an environment that is warm, welcoming, and attentive to the patient's physical, psychological, and spiritual needs. Thank you for providing an integrative alternative to the typical allopathic approach that often reduces the patient to little more than a collection of body parts. You make each of us feel important and worthy of respect! Thanks for helping us stay healthy!

      - Peter

      In 2003, I was diagnosed with autoimmune conditions for which my conventional doctors were treating the symptoms and not the actual cause of my condition. In 2010, I met Dr. Heyman, and he spent a great deal of time researching my condition, peeling back each layer of my health problems in order to treat the cause and not the symptoms. Today I am happy to say my autoimmune lab tests have returned to normal levels, and I am a much healthier person now!

      - Lois

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